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Artists Corner

How I first became interested in art, why I love art and creativity - or interesting stories about the good old Red Barn in Sicamous.

Artist Stories


I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. My first experience with art in grade 8 gave me the passion for art, that I enjoyed so much today. My husband and I retired to the Sicamous area in 2007.

Delores Thoms

With the encouragement of the great group of members, I started painting with the Eagle Valley Brush & Palette Club in Sicamous soon after my arrival.

I do  painting in watercolour,  acrylic, pastels and more.

Dody leads the "Dody's Art for Everyone" on Wednesdays at the Red Barn Art Centre


My Reboot

Marg Pettitt

This is my tribute to all my girlfriends at Brush and Palette, Dody's art for all, and EVAC.

Think it was 4 years ago Karen Oliver called me up on my roof on Silver Sands Road. (My husband and I were replacing our shingles.) Karen said, " I have all the supplies. Just come along and enjoy an art afternoon." A WHAT!

I was completely intimidated and did it only to get off the roof. Upon entering everyone was giggling, chatting and setting up their tables. They had a language I have never heard before yellow ochre, transparent, staining, dry brushing on and on I was way over my head.

A "Simple Art Class" where does that put me! Like I am never entering this place ever again! How do I slip out?

Well I am here today so enriched because of the generosity of all these artists that opened up their art heart to me. I couldn't stay away.

Started seeing the world differently. Colours had names and there was different tones. There is foregrounds and background. Shadows and highlights. Pushing and pulling with colours.

Painting and drawing have become a very important part of who I have become.

I am enriched because of all these experienced artists. A favourite saying of the group ... "There is no wrong in art". Just so inviting.

Looking forward to our Spring sessions. Maybe even some art.


Amiga Margarita


Why I Became an Artist

Betty Hill

As a young child, I was always doing something artsy, sketching animals usually. Mom was an artist and while growing up I was admiring her work. Of course 75 years ago, everything was painted in oil or sometimes in watercolour.

Then, living got in the way and I did not take up art seriously until I was ready to retire. Luckily, Carol Lynn Davidson was instructing a week long watercolour workshop at Sorrento, and I took the camper and was immersed in art for 7 wonderful days.

Since then, I have been fortunate to have had lessons by many talented instructors - everything from collages, acrylic pours, zen tangle, shadow boxes, pastels, painting on rocks, rice paper and Chinese brushes, for example, as well as the tried and true watercolour and acrylic. There have been wonderful supportive artists and lots of laughter. It is a delight to watch and enjoy the new artists in their journeys become excited with their creations. There is so much talent all around us. We are fortunate in Sicamous, to have many places to show our art and be appreciated. Betty Hill


My Art Story

Connie Pike

I loved art class in high school! My best subject with highest marks! So all forgotten when life gets in the way . . . work, marriage, babies and growing pains with those babies! Then a struggle away to build a surgical business along with children's weddings and aging parents. Then the best part . . . Grandparenting. We did it! Successful!! So now it's time for travel and cruising . . . the influence of a transatlantic cruise and into the Mediterranean triggered it all again. On sea days, the ship with an influential teacher, Pipi Johnson from Ontario. She had me engaged in watercolour right away. The highlight of the whole trip was taking a bus excursion trip to Monet's home, studio and beautiful botanical gardens with lily ponds everywhere. This was the real thing! I was in awe. There was not a square inch that did not have something gorgeous and colourful growing, even the vines' upside of his home and over the walking bridge, hanging wisteria. On other excursions, the influence of character people, architecture, artistic buildings and colour just light up my life. When sadly we finished our month cruise, I was totally in love with watercolour painting! "Don't you dare put that paintbrush away!",said Pipi. So I dibbled a bit until we sold our business, then invested in some real supplies. Travel to Mexico and seeing their colourful culture brought more excitement to my painting life. However, it was not until I met our mentors, Amy and Betty by us dropping in to the Art Show in 2003 that influenced my painting skills the most. Even with a couple of intimidating art workshops through the University of Calgary and a Botanical course, my enjoyment of learning came from our own club and workshops within our Brush and Palette Club. Everything changes in this world, but paintings are our legacy and last forever. So let's keep capturing the moments of our time and enjoy our camaraderie to become great artists!


Connie Pike,  2021

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