Eagle Valley Photography Arts Club

Thank you to all who participated in the "Photo to Canvas" this year and last. Not quite the same because of Covid!

We took 18 sets of two over to the insurance company today and yesterday. They are now online as well and you can view them here at your pleasure.

There are a few people that suggested it would be nice to carry on through the summer with the little contests that we have been doing and to keep the dust off their cameras, so let us start with "Summer" #1 "Capturing Simplicity", again five pics with a deadline of June 15, 2021.


Next Contest is "Capturing Light" 5 pics, with a deadline of June 29,2021

Image by Maxim Kotov
  • Image by Sarah Dorweiler

    deadline June 15

    Minimalism - a composition technique that concentrates on keeping only the absolutely necessary information in a frame.

  • underperscolleen.jpg

    Contest 1 (Apr.4-18)

    Photos of the same subject but from different "Perspectives"

  • conniemorningwatch.jpg

    Contest #2 (Apr.19-26)

    "What you are most uncomfortable shooting"

  • Image by Peter Sumner

    Contest #3

    (Apr. 27 - May 3)


  • Image by Dan Gold

    Contest #4

    (May 4 - May 11


  • Image by Jon Tyson

    Contest #5
    (May 12 - May 19

    "Tell a Story in 3 Pictures"

  • Image by Fausto Sandoval

    Contest #6
    Due May 27

    "Look over your archives and pick 5 of your best photos!"

Nature Park Challenge April 11
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