Eagle Valley Photography Arts Club


Quick Reminder!

A reminder that our second photo club meeting at the Red Barn is on Monday, November 1 from 1 to 3 pm. We need cameras, tripods, Three Still Life Scenes from each person and lots of backdrops, inanimate objects, either natural or manmade, with emphasis on the arrangement of items, lighting and framing using usually a neutral wall as a background. Then let us see all your results.

There are many examples if you Google "Ideas for Still Life Photography", like fruit,veggies flowers. food, antiques, leaves and many more.

Many thanks to Rick for making us a Light Box to use on Monday.

I think when we get our pics back from the library on November 2, we should put some of them up on our photo club wall, it is looking a little bare. let me know if that is okay for you.

We will pick a new profile pic for November from all the beautiful fall pics. Thanks for all of them.

The New Theme for November will be ten pics taken from Ground Level, I hear the knees groaning already.