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Thanks for all who participated in Contest #1 on Perspective - there were some great photos and imagination!

For Contest #2 what you think about "What subject are you most uncomfortable shooting! Then post five shots of your attempts. I know for myself it is "motion" and limitations of my camera but will read up in my camera guide and google to see how I can improve that. This contest will run from April 19 to 26.

Look forward to seeing what we can all come up with, have fun!

#1 Contest from April 14 to 18, "Five Photos of the Same Subject but from Different Perspectives"! Take photos from high, low, even with, under and over.

Nature Park Challenge April 11

Thanks to all who came out for our field trip to Sicamous Sands nature park. We had the most beautiful blue sky day, took lots of pics as you can see and had lots of laughs! Thank you also to Connie for sharing her backyard with us for our lunch and for making us all some wonderful coffee!!

Nature Park


View photos (categories 1 and 2) Something Smaller than a Mouse

Something Sharp

Nature Park


View photos (categories 3 and 4)

Something that moves

Something Shiny

Nature Park

(5 & something)

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Something Noisy


"Have to Think About It" Challenge 4

It goes from March 4 to April 10, 2021, and you can put up to 4 photos a day, that should take some pressure off. Please start your pic with a number, description, where and when. Have fun, good for using the imagination.

Challenge 4 (1 to 10)

View photos (categories 1 to 10) from Challenge 4 that were posted on FB

Challenge 4

( 11 to 17)

View photos (categories 11 to 17) from Challenge 4 that were posted on FB

Challenge 4

( 18 to 26)

View photos (categories 18 to 26) from Challenge 4 that were posted on FB

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