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Friday Brush & Palette Projects Gallery


This page consists of past projects, lessons and activities held at the Red Barn Arts Centre with the Brush & Palette Group.

Friday, March 19, 2021 Betty gave us lessons on Chinese Brush Painting.

Supplies include watercolour paints, rice paper, backing board with felt or a tea towel for the paper to sit on, Chinese brushes or a large round brush. We begin by learning how to hold  the brush and started to practice with varying degrees of pressure, speed and moisture doing strokes of leaves and tulips "thinking Spring!" and progressed to other ideas of what we would like to paint. Betty stamped our dried painting with a Chinese seal of the "Hope of Spring" and/or "Peace" as a tribute to our creativity. Final paintings are to be mounted onto a stronger paper with wallpaper paste and air bubbles rolled out with a Breyer.

Chinese brush painting techniques do not try to create a realistic rendering of the external appearance of a subject, but instead seek to capture its inner spirit (qi "life force).

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