EVAC Board of Directors

Board of Directors as elected January 23rd, 2020

The Board of Directors  have a general charge, control and responsibility for the affairs, funds, and property of  the Eagle Valley Arts Council. The Board shall accept financial or in-kind gifts to carry out purposes of the Eagle Valley Arts Council.


 President:   Kim Hyde  

Kim oversees all aspects of the organization and works on numerous special projects.   

To email Kim directly, contact her at kimahyde@gmail.com


Vice President:   Joy  Neish

Joy carries out duties as the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee may from time to time direct. In the absence of the President, Joy as Vice-President may act in place and stead of the President

Secretary:  Mary Walters

Mary ensures meetings are effectively organized and minuted, synchronizes with chair to plan meetings, communication, correspondence and maintains website.

Please contact info@eaglevalleyartscouncil.com  with your questions and comments.


Treasurer: Sherry Legget

Sherry is responsible for collecting dues and receiving all monies. Sherry establishes and maintains full and accurate accounts and presents financial statements at the Board Meetings.


Director:   Rose Wadsworth

Rose is in charge of event planning and organizes facilities and details such as decor, catering and entertainment, equipment, promotional material, etc.


Director: Rigmor Short

Rigmor offers valuable insight into the Arts Programs and lends a hand wherever needed.

Director:  Colleen Thurgood

Colleen is the Director in charge of Memberships.  Please see Colleen to sign up and receive the benefits of membership.

Director: Sally Handley

Sally offers valuable insight into the Arts Programs and lends a hand wherever needed.



Eagle Valley Arts Council sincerely thanks all  funding partners and all volunteers who provide support and  service

in the operations and preservation of the Red Barn Arts Centre, Sicamous, BC

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