Red Barn Art Centre News

Red Barn Arts Centre News
The Red Barn Arts Centre has been getting a real facelift. Communities in Bloom with
Deb Heap has transformed the parking lot and side yards with new gardens and new fencing. Drop by to see the beautiful plants and the paintings on the fence area. 
The handicap bathroom is finished with an accessible ramp to the exit door. Kim Hyde was the driving force for this much needed addition so that all visitors could have easy access. 
And finally we are getting a new HVAC system installed. Maybe we won’t have to wear mittens to paint this winter. 
“See you at the Red Barn!
Pages From The Book Of Women.jpg

"Pages from the Book of Women"

Fine Art Exhibition

Friday, November 6 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Saturday, November 7 from 12 - 4 pm

Sunday, November 8 from 12 - 4 pm

Free at the Red Barn Arts Centre

Social distancing and limited numbers - Please wear a mask

The exhibition, "Pages from the Book of Women" explores the changing definitions and politics of aging and what it means to be an older woman, The perennial youth-obsession of Western culture has led to the perception that the inevitable social consequence of aging is decline and invisibility. However, contemporary older women are re-viewing, re-thinking and generating their own definitions. Invisible? ... a laughable idea!
With models age 60 to 80 plus, from Sicamous, Salmon Arm and Kamloops, art evolved that expressed this spirit of confidence and self-awareness. Using techniques that include painting on gold leaf, Renaissance oil glazing, and screen printing this work explores the politics of age identity and communicates a fascination with the beauty of the older face.
In portraits, paintings and purses this show is a celebration of the magic of older women and a reminder that women are much more fascinating at 80 than at 18.
Carol Schlosar is an artist and musician living in Sicamous, BC. After a career as a music teacher, Carol received her Fine Arts Diploma in 2018 and is now completing her BFA from Thompson Rivers University (TRU). As a mature yet emerging artist, her practice includes painting, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking. Her work, both solo and collaborative, has been exhibited in various galleries in B.C.
Image by Eric Ward


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