Image by Muhammad Raufan Yusup

Copyright Law and the Visual Artist

As encouragement and support we call on all artists to proceed with caution concerning laws that are designed to benefit you. Visual artists who create using other people's materials, skills, or collaboration would do well to seek permissions, to pay contributors, and to credit them. This gives them protection under the law.

For Your Information - Artists Know Your Rights

Reproduction Rights

When an artist produces a work of art, the reproduction of the work can only be authorized by the artist unless permission is given to otherwise do so.

Moral Rights

  • The right to protect your artwork against distortion, altercation or mutilation in a way which prejudices your reputation.

  • The right to associate your name as the author of your work or remain anonymous if you choose.

  • The right to protect your visual image from association with a cause, a product, service, or institution to which you are personally opposed.

There are several myths circulating regarding the use of references and reproduction of other artists works, so please be aware of current copyright laws.

Let's be respectful of others as we are of our own works. Let's support artist's creativity and help to protect our moral rights.

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